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Compliment Our Services.

Our Products At New Albany Adult Dentistry we are proud to offer some fantastic products to compliment our services.


Tooth and Gum Products

Tooth and Gum Products The extraordinary effectiveness of Dental Herb Company® products is due to the unique way in which they are formulated. The precise compounding, in distinctly unique proportions, of the botanical anti-microbials, connective tissue rebuilders and tissue conditioners found in DHCo. products has resulted in our exceptional proprietary formula.

Sleep Apnea and Sleep Appliances

It is estimated that more than  80 million people in North America snore while sleeping. Considering the snorer's spouse and children, as many as 160 million are negatively affected by every snoring night.  Our office will discuss with you what type of device will be best for you.The applinace is a  custom appliance that is removal  and created for non-invasive treatment for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (Osa) and is metal free. 


We offer Nightguards to our patients on a case by case basis.  They are completely metal-free and generally made of a hard acrylic material to prevent tooth wear, chipping of teeth and jaw pain.We recommend Nightguards for people who suffer from bruxism (habitual tooth grinding). Please keep in mind that with like any dental work, you may need a follow-up appointment for adjustments.