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Oral Systemic Balance

Balancing Oral Function May Just Be The Answer.

If you suffer from illness (headaches, chronic pains, sleep problems, fatigue, etc.) you can breathe a sigh of relief. Balancing oral function may just be the answer to many of your problems. By allowing the tongue, jaw, throat and posture to come into a more natural balance, swallowing, speaking and breathing are optimized. The impact on the body is vitalizing.

Oral System Biology® therapy . OSB is a unique non-invasive way to restore wellness and optimize function.  As the name suggests, it balances the oral system instead of treating individual symptoms. This treatment provides a safe and effective option.  As a patient Dr. Johnson personally uses and  truly believes in Oral System Biology.

Oral Systemic Balance's laboratory in Tacoma is the sole producer of custom appliances for dentists trained at Oral Systemic Balance's training facility where these unique and innovative orthotics were developed by Dr. Farrand Robson, founder of the company, Oral Systemic Balance. They are used in the theraputic process known as Oral System Biology which intergrates traditional dental principles with modern technology and basic biological principals.

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