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Nutrition & Preventative Care

Prevention Is Twofold

Preventative Care

  • One, what do we put in our mouth, sugars of all types, sucrose form candy, soft drinks, tea and coffee with fructose in fruits and simple starches in processed food all feed bacteria that contribute to tooth decay and infected gums. Sugars and simple starches can contribute to a more acidic condition of the body in some individuals. Bad bacteria thrive in a more acidic condition. Individuals that have a more basic nature or terrain have and environment that bad bacteria do not thrive in and good bacteria do.
  • Two, Hygiene, Out goal in hygiene is to disorganize bacteria formations. We can do this with brushing, oral irrigating, flossing, tooth picks, inter-dental cleaners. Also massaging the gum tissue can be beneficial, this stimulates blood flow. My favorite tools are the rotodent and hydrofloss for those that want an oral irrigator for their shower or sink go to


Three square meals a day with all the food groups included using the food pyramid is what I was taught in dental school back in 1984, but I feel that this is to simple. Weston Price DDS back in the early part of the twentieth century had some excellent ideas on proper nutrition based on his anthropological studies. Royal Lee DDS founder of Standard Process formulated whole food supplements that many nutrition physicians find useful for their patients.

A patient should have an examination by a dentist to learn about the extent and depth of decay before trying to re-build or re-mineralize tooth structure. Then do follow up examinations to make sure the decay lesion is hardening and not getting worse.