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Night Guard

Completely Metal-Free.

We offer Nightguards to our patients on a case by case basis.  They are completely metal-free and generally made of a hard acrylic material to prevent tooth wear, chipping of teeth and jaw pain.We recommend Nightguards for people who suffer from bruxism (habitual tooth grinding). Please keep in mind that with like any dental work, you may need a follow-up appointment for adjustments.

Night- Guards protect teeth at night from night time clenching and grinding, they keep a patient from working their muscles so hard reducing sore muscles and painful jaw joints. Additionally the patient will be prevented from loosening teeth or wearing and breaking teeth. Patients can still wear out their night guard, but at least they will not wear their teeth. Night guards can be replaced or repaired. Note, some patients may find benefit from wearing their night- guards during the day time, just take it out while eating.

Dental orthotics are used to treat TMJ and muscle pain. Please keep in mind that like any dental work, you may need a follow-up appointments for adjustments or additions to dental orthotics. These orthotics can also be used to help the patient and dentist learn where their “best bite” or proper jaw location is prior to doing complicated reconstruction of a persons teeth and smile.

Today Dr. Johnson is studying Sleep Apnea and related breathing efficiency issues. The dental community is now beginning to understand that the grinding  and clenching of teeth is done by our bodies as part of a process to maintain or open an airway and maintain optimal oxygen levels. Maintaining proper oxygen levels is the body's highest priority.

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