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Darwin Dentistry Part 1

There appears to be a movement building in modern dentistry that originally started in 1991 with an article in The Quarterly Review of Biology, The Dawn of Darwinian Medicine, establishing a basis for a new subject in medical school teachings called Evolutionary Medicine, or simply Darwinian Medicine.  It’s a new approach to medicine as a profession that tries to understand modern ailments affecting the human race today. 

Several publications have been written about the subject along with scientific articles, web sites, blogs and symposiums dedicated to this rapidly growing field of study.  So what about dentistry?

In 2012 the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) hosted a meeting to discuss and investigate the human evolution of teeth and how they might have differed centuries ago compared to today.  What foods were different and what problems jaws and teeth have today compared to yesteryear. 

Over the next several blog posts, we will explore this new field of study and how it might relate to the holistic approach to dentistry.