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Supra-Gingival/Healthy Dentistry

If you want a healthier type of dentistry, then request Supra-Gingival Dentistry by Dr. John W. Johnson DDS.
This minimally invasive technique uses the latest advances in adhesive dentistry, composites, and ceramics to save tooth structure and place restorations above the gum line, where the gums want it to be, keeping your smile healthy and strong. Contact our office if you want to learn more about supra-gingival dentistry. Dr Johnson is very experienced in supra-gingival dentistry, having practiced and taught it for over 25 years.

Traditional dental crowns require the removal of a lot of healthy tooth structure, leaving only a stump of the tooth remaining. Often the dental restorations are placed under the gum line, which can make it irritating and unhealthy for the gums, and can promote inflammation and gum disease that can lead to bone loss and finally tooth loss. But with supra-gingival dentistry, only the damaged tissues are removed, and many specialized techniques are used to stay away from the gum line, with some rare exceptions. The thinner translucent restorations also allow the natural luster of the tooth to shine through for a more beautiful smile.  Call our dental team today if you want to learn more about our minimally invasive supra-gingival dentistry.

The benefits of supra-gingival dental procedures are:

    • Healthier gums, because great effort is made to avoid placing dental materials below the gum
    • Dr Johnson does not like root canals and the more conservative the dentistry the less chances of injuring the tooth, because less tooth is cut away
    • Minimally invasive usually means less discomfort during and after treatment
    • More beautiful and natural