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Maintaining an Airway requires your body’s undivided attention. Taking the next breath is automatic and the body wants to do it with the most efficiency.

Things we do to maintain our airway and the physical symptoms and compensations that result are:

Mouth Breathing: Tooth decay / Gum Disease, inflammation of tonsils and adenoids, allergies, stuffy nose, runny nose, asthma symptoms.

Grind and Clench Teeth: Wears teeth, creates crack lines or fault lines in teeth, makes front teeth more prone to chipping, gives teeth an “Older Look”, breaks teeth, wears and breaks fillings, crowns and other dentistry, gum disease around teeth or dental implants, gum recession, notching of teeth at root or gum line.

Darwin Dentistry Part 4

A period in our history called “The Long 19th Century” (1750-1914) brought many changes in daily life, mostly focusing on women, infants and children.  Men had traditionally been the providers that operated outside the “home” as hunter/gatherers or simply working the ground as agriculture started to take hold as a means for sustainable food sources.  For women this new era boring with it a migration from the traditional agrarian and cottage lifestyles for work in the textile mills and upper-class urban families. 

Darwin Dentistry Part 2

In a 1994 book, Why We Get Sick: The New Science of Darwinian Medicine the authors, Nesse and Williams, suggest that as humans have evolved they have become more susceptible to disease for a variety of reasons. Mainly coevolving with pathogens and genome mismatch to modern environment as the two big ones. Research suggests that dental caries has co-evolved with humans since they migrated out of Africa eons ago and even accelerated with the introduction of agriculture of refined grains and sugars.

Darwin Dentistry Part 3

So far we have laid the ground work for why our society, using the industrial style diet, has suffered certain chronic diseases of oral origin.  The concept of genome-environment mismatch is one explanation for higher rates of systemic diseases seen today that were seldom a problem with our ancestors. 

Darwin Dentistry Part 1

There appears to be a movement building in modern dentistry that originally started in 1991 with an article in The Quarterly Review of Biology, The Dawn of Darwinian Medicine, establishing a basis for a new subject in medical school teachings called Evolutionary Medicine, or simply Darwinian Medicine.  It’s a new approach to medicine as a profession that tries to understand modern ailments affecting the human race today.